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    Cairo, Egypt
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  • headoffice@egoth.com.eg

Mission & Vision

EGOTH is the national leading company that protect Egypt treasures represented at it’s historical hotels and participating in sustainable touristic development, increasing tourism movement to Egypt with offering the best service to tourists, tourism industry in Egypt offers the best professional calibers through its institutes in(Alexandria, Ismalia, luxor)


  • Considering that EGOTH is a pioneer in the field of tourism, it increases its lodgment capacity to the anticipated in the future.
  • The Historical Hotels are treasures that must be preserved For the coming generation, lack of maintenance lead to loss.
  • Cooperate with the operating companies in the marketing field by focusing on the historical aspect to attract the interested segments.
  • This subtraction for the unexploited company assets such as (The lands) for providing the necessary financing to convert it to a productive project.
  • To develop the company's approach to cope with the global system.
  • Raise the level of workers and leaders through training courses…. Etc.
  • Develop unexploited restaurants of the company to mitigate the current damage to provide the necessary financing after 15 years of pause.
  • Using technology leads to progress.

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