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Company Performance

Social Responsibility

Through the company strategy framework for achieving its social responsibility in and out the company, we pursue these policies from inside to outside:

  • Firstly: Inside

    Developing our employees skills through the execution of several training program which aiming to progress the work performance level to follow the best and the newest management technological and scientific methods.

    Continue to work within the matrix of scientific technology .

    Providing the medical treatment to the employees and their families and the emolument at the hospitals

    To motivate the serious employees in work and promoting their professional level.

    To arrange trips and summer holidays and also Al – Hej and Omra for employees.

    Continuing the company policy in the previous two years in contributing to solve the unemployment problem and appoint some of our employee's sons in and out the company.

    To participate in international exhibitions to gain experience .

  • Secondly: Outside

    The company responsibility toward society which already occurred.

    2000,000 The Egyptian for society services donation .

    400,000 Al Helal El Ahmar donation for the Palestinian people.

    353,920 The Grand Egyptian Museum halls preparation near the pyramids.

    5000 Sie Al Said for family & environment’s donation .

    3000 Al Iatim & Ebrsama donation.

Hotels renovation consider one of the company responsibility as this renovation leads to more better services.

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